Transform Investor Presentations

I coach CEOs and their leadership teams to deliver investor presentations with confidence, ease and authenticity.

My honest, direct and on point feedback will help your leadership team be on message and well prepared for your annual Results events and Q&A sessions.

From conception through to delivery, I help refine key messages and give guidance on:

  • Most effective rehearsal process
  • Visual aids
  • Venue
  • Staging
  • Using webcasts
  • Warm up & de-brief

A 2003 study of CEO capital showed that half of the company’s reputation was attributable to its Chief Executive – and that was BEFORE the banking crisis.

  • Confident CEOs affect your company’s bottom line
  • Confident CEOs increase investor confidence
  • People invest in confidence

With over 10 years experience specialising in Investor Relations and Corporate Communication events, I’ll help you, your leaders – and your company – look and sound great.

“Rebecca has had a huge positive impact on our presentations to investors and our Board of Directors.”
Chairman USA Division, FTSE 100

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